Northwest Paranormal Research Group

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Commited to the field of paranormal research, we strive to improve the knowledge of paranormal awareness through the teams efforts in understanding thier evidence and equipment.

Northwest Paranormal Research Group 2013

NWPRG is an official GAC 'Ghost Adventures' Group.


NWPRG is a professional research group with years of experience, utilizing a diverse group of people, educating the public and private sectors with regard to Paranormal activity.

NWPRG is dedicated to the Research, Investigation and Documentation of Paranormal Activity in the Northwest Area, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and it's Surrounding area's.

We offer always free of charge professional full spectrum investigations. We are trained in paranormal research and use scientific styles as well as psychic. We use state of the art modern equiptment to prove or debunk a haunting. We respect the clients privacy and are in this soley for karma and to help others. Join us by letting us investigate your haunting. Thank you.